Shipping and Handling Services

Freight Services

RAWABI-DUBAI provides freight services for its clients and anybody else who may need the services including businessmen and women who after shopping and gathering their merchandise they find themselves loaded with mounds and mounds of cargo, boxes and other small packages. Let us take care of this problem for you, besides we have been doing this for a while now and our experience will help us get your things organized and packed professionally. As you are aware the packaging determines you shipping costs and guarantees that your goods/merchandise arrive at their destination securely and completely. Our low cost freight services include:

Services include

  • Collecting and gathering of merchandise
  • Wrapping/bundling
  • Packaging into cargo
  • Boxing into hard boxes and cartons (wooden boxes)
  • Containers (stocking and leasing them)
  • Shipping Services

    RAWABI-DUBAI operates an excellent, reliable and fast shipping program. We will ship your packages, cargo, merchandise, documents and etc to any destination in the world at a very competitively low cost. RAWABI-DUBAI ensures that your merchandise arrives safely to the intended destination without any damage resulting from carelessness. We also make sure that your merchandise is shipped as fast as possible to arrive on time. (To learn about our clearing and forwarding services, please click here).

    Please note the following:

  • we only ship authorized and safe goods/merchandise.
  • You must must provide shipping details or determine if you want us to ship your goods to our authorized agents in the countries where you are shipping to.
  • We do not ship guns, alms, or weapons of any kind or any banned materials.
  • Your goods are subject to professional inspection before shipping.
  • You must present proper identification and receipt to claim your goods.
  • Advice on insurance is available.
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